I got nobody on my side

Surely that ain't right.

All I say

Means nothing to you.

Emerald Dove

More process pictures. This one is going to accompany a poem I wrote. The poem isn't done either. I'll post them together when I finish both.

Site Changes

Just throwing a small update that I added a new section to the site. It is going to be a collection of concept art and sketches all in the section. I'm still changing things around, so there aren't too many new ones added.

Har Har

I seem to only post works in progress.
And I plan to keep it that way!


Ladies And Hawks

Here I Am

This is a lighting and value study for a new painting. Everything is pretty much a place holder right now, but its pretty much how I start everything.

Did I?

And Its Finished.

Did I Dream

Just throwing up another sketch doodle that I was working on last night before I went to bed. More people need to shave half of their head, its fun.

Give You Flowers

Some more process pictures people.